What is Immediate Bitwave?

Bitwave is a cryptocurrency trading platform that is dedicated solely to Bitcoin. The platform focuses on finding and then providing every opportunity that exists in the Bitcoin market. In doing so, it makes Bitcoin – still the best known and most popular cryptocurrency in the world – accessible to everyone.

Our highly experienced account managers are able to provide traders of all backgrounds and levels of experience with the support they need. We will ensure that from the start you have access to the best in the industry.

It is our goal to make Bitcoin trading and the possibilities inherent available to both new and experienced users. We are here to facilitate your success and prosperity.

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What’s So Great About Bitcoin?

Although it was once obscure and little understood, Bitcoin is now on the lips of billions of people around the world. There is a good reason for it – and a good reason for investing in Bitcoin. Let’s dive into Bitcoin’s explosion in popularity came out.
The current landscape of cryptocurrency is now filled with a wide variety of options. But at the beginning, less than 20 years ago, there was only Bitcoin. Back when no one but some hackers and highly specialized software engineers had ever heard of blockchain or crypto, it was launched in order to create a whole new concept of currency and of investment. In the beginning there was much confusion and skepticism. How was it possible to have a currency that wasn’t connected to and controlled by a government or a central bank. It seemed to go against common sense and centuries of economic theory.
It was thanks to the dedication of those early pioneers and risk-takers, who saw Bitcoin’s potential, that this new form of currency was able to break through the confusion. From a very humble launch in 2009, it grew massively in the public consciousness and in popularity. From being a bit of a joke in those first days, it became an investment vehicle and revolutionary alternative to fiat currency. People scrambled to have it. Bitcoin mining exploded and people from all walks of life joined in promoting and investing in it.
This happened to Bitcoin for a very simple reason: not only did Bitcoin make sense as an idea, but it also quickly became an incredible investment opportunity. Smart investors rushed to take advantage of its spiking value that barely seemed to pause for breath.
Because it was the trailblazer in the realm of crypto and blockchain more generally, Bitcoin is an icon and it remains the best known, most popular cryptocurrency. By choosing Bitcoin, you are choosing not only the proven leader of crypto, you are also choosing to embrace the future. You are joining a movement at the site of its origin and greatest success.
Of course, it’s never all roses. The crypto market is volatile. And while the overall trend since its founding has been upwards, Bitcoin has seen setbacks. You need to be prepared for that volatility and to embrace it if you are going to be a Bitcoin investor. That’s what it means to be a pioneer.
That means knowing the risks, as you should with any investment. Plan for it and minimize it by being smart and judicious in your investment decisions. Never invest money that you cannot afford and always be educated on current trends and technical analyses.

How to Trade Bitcoin with Immediate Bitwave

The absolute key to minimizing risk and to maximizing gains is choosing a high-quality trading platform that provides the support and infrastructure that you need. That has been core to our mission at Immediate Bitwave. We are here to make the process easy and efficient. We want you to be able to fully focus on your investment, not on confusing account details. Our goal is to make it possible for you to effectively track and manage your trades.
Our goal is your success because when you succeed, so do we.
Below you will find our step-by-step guide to getting started on Bitwave. It will explain exactly what you can expect as a new Bitwave user as well as the process by which you can get started trading. That’s why you’re here, after all. And it’s why we’re here as well: to get you trading.

Setting Up Your Account

This is an easy first step to getting started on your path to trading on Bitwave. All you need to do is to register an account by clicking on the link in the top right corner. Then you will fill in some basic details – name, number and email – and wait for an account manager to contact you. It’s that easy!

Confirm Your Details

Right away we will send you an email in order to confirm your details. Use this email to set up a call with one of our Immediate Bitwave account managers. Our expert team will then make sure to get you set up and to answer any questions you might have. Consider writing down any questions or concerns that come to mind before we call so that you’re prepared!
But don’t worry, the account managers will also provide you with plenty of clear explanations as to how the platform works. You will then have the choice to make your own trades or to do so with the help of your account manager. It’s up to you.

Try Some Free Practice Trades

We know that even with the help of our account managers you still might feel a bit nervous getting started. It’s exactly for that reason that we created a practice area for you to get used to the system and its controls.
This demonstration area is an exact replica of the regular platform except that there’s no money involved. You can make mistakes without having to worry about it costing you money. But everything else is the same as the regular platform, including the display and the tools.
Practice for as long as you like until you feel comfortable taking the plunge into real trades. Again, you will always have access to our account managers, so don’t panic. The most important thing is that you feel ready to get the most out of Immediate Bitwave.

Trading With Real Money

When you’re ready to start trading, you will need to add money to your account. This is the money that you will use to trade with. Immediate Bitwave requires a minimum deposit of US$250 equivalent in the currency of your choice, including both fiat and cryptocurrency.
You can add this money to your account via instant deposits through credit card or debit. You can also use bank transfer, though this typically takes a little longer. It is most typically done for larger deposits.
Here’s how to do both.
Bank or credit card:
  • Go to your account and select ‘add deposit’
  • Choose bank/credit card
  • Enter your desired deposit amount
  • You will then be prompted to fill in your banking details
  • Complete the security requirements
  • Confirm the payment
Bank Transfer:
  • Go to your account and select ‘add deposit’
  • Choose the bank transfer option
  • Enter your desired deposit amount
  • You will then be prompted to fill in your banking details
  • Confirm and authorize the transaction on your banking page
  • Pay any applied fees from your bank
  • Complete the transaction and wait for bank confirmation
Both methods of payment are fast and easy. Immediate Bitwave will never take a fee during the deposit process. You retain control over 100% of your available funds.

Start Trading!

You’re now set-up, have had a chance to practice trading at no financial risk, and your account has funds available. If you’re feeling good about it, you’re now ready to jump over to the live platform and get started.
Don’t worry, you have the support of Immediate Bitwave’s excellent and comprehensive platform as well as your own experienced account manager.
You have everything you need to easily manage your trades and follow their progress on the Immediate Bitwave platform. You can keep up to the minute track of all the latest market movements and use that knowledge to manage your account anywhere at any time.

Features & Benefits of Immediate Bitwave

Experienced account managers for on-demand support
Fast and easy transactions
No hidden fees
Flexible payment options
Highest quality support and training materials
Access the platform anywhere
Intuitive and easy account setup
In-depth and up-to-the second Bitcoin data and information

Immediate Bitwave Ups Your Trading Game

Our team of experience account managers are ready to assist with you everything from information to setting up trades.

Our display screen focuses on the big picture instead of burying you in bells and whistles that don’t help your trading strategy.

Everything you need to trade and monitor the market are in one place. This gives you a greater degree of informed control.

Immediate Bitwave

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Immediate Bitwave and Bitcoin trading in general.
Can I trade other cryptocurrencies on Immediate Bitwave?
At Immediate Bitwave we are dedicated exclusively to trading in Bitcoin. As the original crypto, and still the most popular, we wanted our platform to provide a market focused on Bitcoin.
365 days a year, 24-hours a day, Immediate Bitwave users can trade Bitcoin and follow the movements of the market.
Is Immediate Bitwave free to use?
There are no hidden costs, no registration costs and no deposit fees.
Is it simple to make deposits and withdrawals?
Both deposits and withdrawals are simple and intuitive. All that you need to do is go to your dashboard and select the action of your choice. You will be walked through the process.
Deposits can be made via credit card, debit card or by bank transfer. You can make deposits in USD, Pound Sterling, or Euros, with a minimum of US$250 equivalent.
Using bank cards to pay should be instantaneous while bank transfers can usually take up to a day. Larger sums can take longer depending upon your bank.
Withdrawals are just as simple and basically work like deposits in reverse. You choose how much you want to withdraw from your available funds and your method of withdrawal.
The method you choose will be based upon the method you used for your original deposit. If you used a bank card, you may withdraw to the same card. If you used bank wire transfer, you would do the same. In the case of banking transfers, these can take up to 24-hours to show up in your account.
We apply no charges to your deposits or withdrawals.
Is there a mobile version of Immediate Bitwave?
Yes, there is a mobile compatible version that you use through your browser. It’s important to have a stable connection if you use this option.
It’s important to log out of other devices before trying to log in on your mobile. It’s also important to always log out on your mobile when you are finished.
For security reasons, you may only be logged in on one device at a time.
Is Bitcoin a good investment?
There is certainly volatility in the cryptocurrency market. And all investment carries an element of risk that you must be aware of before beginning. With that said, Bitcoin can be a lucrative and exciting investment opportunity when you manage your risk wisely. Never invest what you cannot afford to lose, for instance.
As part of a diverse portfolio that includes fiat currency and cryptocurrency, Bitcoin can be an excellent addition. While it is volatile, it has had a generally upwards trajectory since its founding.
For those with an interest in tech stocks, Bitcoin can be considered as part of that strategy. Its role as an initiator of blockchain technology puts it in a close relationship with other developments in the tech field. It’s no surprise that many tech companies are at the forefront of accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.
As cryptocurrency’s popularity continues to grow, it seems likely that its importance to the global economy will grow as well. And Bitcoin as the original and most popular, will lead the way.


Now that you know about Immediate Bitwave and Bitcoin trading, all that remains is to jump in. Join the future and sign-up today to Immediate Bitwave!

Immediate Bitwave By The Numbers

Platform format
Forex, Stocks, and cryptocurrencies
Subscription Costs
Free of Charge
No Charges
Type of Platform
Deposit and Withdrawal
PayPal, Debit/Credit Card, Wire Transfer
Available in most countries. Not in the USA