About Us

Immediate Bitwave History

Bitcoin was first launched in 2009. At first it was the purview of only a small number of people. It was seen as strange and almost mystical. Few had any idea what its potential might be.
We have been there since the beginning. Our founders saw and were excited by the potential that Bitcoin represented. We have remained deeply involved since that birth on the technical side of the Bitcoin project.
Later, we teamed up with some of the top trading experts in forex and cryptocurrency. Together, we founded Immediate Bitwave bringing together all our expertise and experience.
Because of our expertise, and our understanding that Bitcoin can be as intimidating as it is an incredible opportunity, we put experienced support at the center of our vision.
Our goal as a unified team is to build a community of knowledgeable and enthusiastic traders who can share in the lucrative potential of Bitcoin.

Immediate Bitwave Into The Future

The website has now been launched and we are very proud of the functionality and support that it provides for all Bitcoin traders as well as enthusiasts. All of the feedback that we have gotten from our users has been extremely positive.
And just like them, we are super-excited to see what comes next in this adventure.
As we move forward we fully intend to continue the development and improvement of the platform. And we will do so with extensive input from our valued users. Providing education and support are also of the utmost importance to our entire team. It’s exactly for that reason that we already have a wide range of support materials and experienced account managers. We intend to fulfill our commitment to our entire community.
In the future we fully intend to continue expanding our educational materials. Our mission is to increase the confidence and the abilities of Immediate Bitwave beginners.
What is more, it is by combining the platform development, the educational and support features, and our outreach to the broader community, that we intend to keep raising Immediate Bitwave’s profile. We know that our goals are ambitious but we also know that there are no shortcuts to excellence.
The popularity of Bitcoin seems to grow every day around the entire world. We want to be the platform that people look to when they want to take the plunge and join this exciting investment opportunity.
We hope that you will join us on this journey, as partners and members of the same rich, diverse community.

Our Promise To You

We at Immediate Bitwave will forever continue to innovate and develop an already excellent platform. We will strive to always stay on the cutting edge of cryptocurrency and trading through innovation and research. In addition to this, our goals are also transparency, education, access, and success for our users.
It is our intention to continue in this spirit. We also absolutely commit to listening to you, our community, as we move forward together. Finally, we will always be honest in helping you set your expectations and how to realistically achieve your goals with the least risk and greatest success.
Our promise to you is to be the best that we possibly can be. We do that so that you can achieve your goals. It is only together that we can find success. As we develop our tools further, this will always be our guiding principle. We hope that you will join us on this journey.